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How Much Should You Pay Pet Sitters?

Professional pet sitters normally charge $20 to $40 per day, and their rates depend primarily on the type of services that they provide. Their average cost is $25 for a 30-minute visit. You can also book overnight pet-sitting for around $75 to $85 if less than 10 hours. If you need to care for pets longer than that, then expect to pay even more. Rates also change on weekend and holidays. Pet sitters may provide one-time, short-term, and ongoing services. Simply arrange the schedule with them, as well as the payment scheme.

Pet Sitting Services

Contrary to popular belief, pet sitting isn’t for dogs and cats alone. It’s also for rabbits, birds, fish, and reptiles. The services are usually provided at the client’s home. The pet sitter may simply visit the animal they’ll care in your home at a specific schedule. They can even stay overnight if you’re going away for a while.

What Does a Pet Sitter Do?

When pet sitters go to their client’s house, the things that they normally do includes giving fresh water and food to the pets, cleaning their cages or changing their littler boxes, administering medications if needed, and leading them outside for exercise. Generally, they provide the pets the companionship that they need while you’re away.

The work of pet sitters differs and sometimes, the actual rates of the service will depend on what you want them to provide your pets with. The most common services that are requested by pet owners are the ones listed above. There are pet sitters that can be requested to do small errands around the house, such as watering plants, collecting mails, and checking doors and windows.

Overnight Pet Sitting Rates

Overnight pet sitting is for homeowners with pets who are on vacation, especially the ones who don’t want their pet to be left alone. The costs for these services are higher because the time requirement is longer and that the pet sitter is attending to the needs of their pet exclusively.

Overnight pet services may cost you $50 per night, although it will still depend on the exclusive hours. It’s usually $85 and $100 for a 10-hour and 12-hour overnight stay, respectively. There may be additional costs if you need more services on top of the standard ones that they offer. Additional pets, long traveling time, and 24-hour services are duly charged.

Additional Pet Rates

If you have more than one pet, pet sitters will charge more. This is because they have to cover extra effort and time required for caring or additional animals. They may charge $5 for every pet, regardless if you need overnight services or drop-in visits.

Location Surcharges

The location of your home is also a consideration for pet sitting charges. It’s typical for homeowners who live in far-off places to charge more. This covers the travel expenses that will be incurred. Sometimes, even traffic congestion is charged accordingly.

These are the charges that should be considered when you request for pet sitting services. The amount you pay may be different but they should all be reasonable, considering the points listed above.