massage therapyMassage therapy has a long history across the globe. Interestingly, there are several benefits when getting massage therapy and most people use it to treat various health issues. There are several studies conducted that shows the different health benefits of massage therapy. The biggest benefit is the very low risk associated with it. If you need a professional I would really go see the best rmt in port moody.

A quick look at the benefits

Massage therapy helps to reduce and relieve pain, eliminate many different sports injuries and more. Apart from these, there are several emotional benefits of the therapy. This involves reducing stress related problems, depression and anxiety. It encourages calm thinking as well as creativity. Above all, massage therapies foster feeling of well-being and helps create body awareness.

This therapy also reduces muscle stiffness and muscle tension, thereby promoting joint flexibility. Along with this, it promotes easier and deep breathing, reduces blood pressure and gives you flowing skin after getting all the knots out of it! Interestingly, massage therapy also strengthens your immune system.

There are absolutely no side effects associated with this type of therapy and it suits all ages. Also, it helps you improve your posture. Finally, it promotes peace of mind which is extremely necessary today’s day in age with our busy lives.

The several types of massage therapy

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu is a Japanese term, which means finger pressure. In this type of massage, the massage therapist uses various rhythmic and varying pressures on particular points of your body. These points are known as acupressure points. Studies show this massage therapy helps remove blockages at these points.

Hot stone massage

In hot stone massages, the therapists place hot stones in particular areas of your body. The stones are heated to a little over 100 degrees and placed on the back or shoulders. Interestingly, these stones can either be used for massaging or can be left on the body. The stones are used along other therapies and can be extremely relaxing and soothing since it transmits heat in the body.

Thai massage

The Thai massage is really one of the most common massage therapies. In it, the massage therapist uses their body for moving your body into different positions. It involves muscle compression, acupressure and joint mobilization. Leah is top massage therapist in new westminster if you are looking for a thai massage.


Reflexology has originated in China and is mainly a foot massage. It uses the thumb, finger and hand techniques in order to stimulate particular parts of your feet. This is because, it is believed these areas better help connect you to the various parts of your body. It is mainly done to encourage well-being and good health. Since these require proper training and experience find an rmt who can help you get the best massage.